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The experienced and dedicated sales, design and production personnel at FALL RIVER LOG HOMES have but one common goal - a quality log home kit, designed to meet each customers exact needs.

Look through our variety of floor plans, feel free to choose a design suited to your taste. Any changes as to size and additions can be easily made through our custom design department. Maybe, you have designed your own home. We can supply you with log kits for any design you have planned.

Imagine your dream home, this home is you. A house in the country, a chalet high in the mountains, a cottage nestled by the ocean

Solid Wood, Solid Design, Solid Satisfaction is not only a slogan, we have the satisfied clients to prove it.
Fall River Log Homes Model Home and Office


Wood Facts
The Eastern White Cedar used for FALL RIVER LOG HOMES is harvested from New Brunswick forests in Canada. A premier choice for log home construction.

Eastern White Cedar's qualities are far reaching. It's wood grain has light and dark permutations. Coupling its hardiness and durability with it's thermal efficiency and low maintenance requirement, it is preferred among the discerning log home builder.

The most decay resistant wood. Eastern White Cedar has built-in all natural tannis, a non-toxic preservative which provides natural resistance to insects, rot and fungi.

Also, the wood's cellular structure allows for interior air spaces. This makes it an excellent insulation both for heat and sound. This also makes the wood relatively light, so installation and handling are simple, even for the novice carpenter.

These properties make Eastern White Cedar perfect for the high quality log homes produced by FALL RIVER LOG HOMES
The precision milled Eastern White Cedar is pre-cut to numbered kits. The most effective foams and sealants are used. This ensures an energy efficient structure of natural distinction, that you will be proud of.

The unique FALL RIVER Triple Seal System consists of double tongue groove log joinery and exclusive exterior sealing flange. This has proven to be one of the most effective systems available, eliminating air and moisture infiltration.

The FALL RIVER LOG HOME kits can be constructed by the do-it-yourselfer or the professional contractor, with ease. The on-site assistance from a Log Home Specialist is available, for each and every Log Home shipped .

Commercial Possibiities
The versatility of design has prompted several businesses to use the distinctive log appearance in their commercial applications.

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