Phoenix Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Pizza Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the United States.  Phoenix, Arizona has over eighty-eight pizza places to choose from.  So, when the craving hits, which one is the right one to choose?  My friends at Cave Creek Hood Cleaning suggested the three following places.

Phoenix, AZ RestaurantNeapolitan pizza is quickly becoming one of the favorite types of pizza available.  Founded in June in 1984, the True Neapolitan Pizza Association is an organization that is non-profit and most Neapolitan pizza restaurants belong to it.

True Neapolitan pizza restaurants, like La Pizza, are VPN Certified Neapolitan Pizzeria.  It was founded in 1984 in Naples to make sure that their certified pizzerias follow the strict guidelines on the ingredients used and how the pizza is cooked.

Their mozzarella is made in house and the tomato sauce is made from Marzano tomatoes.  The flour is called 00 flour because it is a special Italian flour that is finely ground and used primarily for pasta.  They are located at 1 N. 1st Street.

One thing to keep in mind these pizzas are not perfectly round, and the crust can have black charred edges.  Their popularity is growing as they have a four- and one-half star rating on the internet with over three hundred and thirty reviews.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria has fifty-six locations in Illinois, four in Arizona and two in Wisconsin.  It got its humble beginnings when Lou Malnati started working in a deep-dish pizzeria in Chicago in the 1940’s.  Lou opened his first pizzeria on March 17, 1971 with his wife Jean.Phoenix Arizona Restaurant Media

After opening a few more Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, sadly Lou lost his battle with cancer in 1978.  His oldest son, Marc, had recently graduated from college so he decided to work with his mom and has not left since.  Rick, the younger brother joined Marc and Jean after he graduated from Bradley University.

The crust is from a family secret recipe and they get their mozzarella cheese from a small dairy that has supplied them with it for over forty years.   Each pizza is made from scratch and that contributes to their four-point-five-star rating with close to nine hundred positive posts on the world wide web.

With twenty-one locations in Arizona, Fired Pie pizza has four in Phoenix.  Owners Fred Morgan and Doug Doyle met while working at California Pizza Kitchen for fifteen years.  Once they left corporate life the decided to go on a road trip to try pizza all over California.

Phoenix Arizona Restaurant PhotoWhile on the road trip, they came up with a brilliant idea of allowing customers to customize not only their own pizza but salad too.  It was so successful that they ended up opening four Fired Pie pizza places in their first six months in business.

Their attention to detail with the freshest ingredients and crispy thin crust has earned them a four-point-four-star rating.  The over five hundred reviews online draw people from all over to come try their pizza and salad.

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