Miami Hood Cleaning Pros Reviews Three Great Restaurants in Miami, Florida

Miami Florida RestaurantJamaican Kitchen is located in the Sunset West Shopping Center in Miami, Florida.  It is a small place with only eight stools and one two-seat table.  They have imported groceries from Jamaica that are stocked on shelves in the back of the restaurant.

Owned by a Chinese-Jamaican husband/wife couple, Anson and Cheryl Chin, Jamaican Kitchen offers unique meals at a fair price.  Prices vary from eight dollars for lunch and eleven to seventeen dollars for dinner.  They serve a larger portion for dinner and include rice and sweet plantains.

The authentic and unique Chinese-Jamaican fusion food has patrons returning again and again.  There have close to three hundred raving posts on the internet with close to a four- and one-half star rating.

Wynwood is one of Miami’s artsier neighborhoods and that is where Bakan decided to open their one hundred and eighty seat restaurant and bar.  The goal was to create a true Mexican experience with its décor.Miami FL Restaurant Media

Bakan has six thousand square feet of an outdoor and indoor bar and restaurant.  The bar and terrace are covered with inverted wood pyramid canopies and is cacti lined.  The hanging basket fixtures are a warm green and brown creating an inviting atmosphere.

Their food dates back to pre-hispanic times using three special ingredients to their experience.  They have a large selection of mezcals that can be paired with a meal.  Their corn they use to make their tortillas is partially cooked ancestral organic corn that is imported from Mexico.

The food is cooked on a wood fire grill using cherry and oak woods.  Toasting their tortilla chips on the grill as well as their seafood, meats and fish gives them a light smoky flavor.

Blend all of this with their freshly made salsas and they have the perfect combination for even the pickiest eaters.  Bakan gets a four-point-six-star rating with over seven hundred reviews.

Miami FL Restaurant FoodMatt, the owner of Kush, wanted to take his knowledge of craft beer brewing and restaurant experience and open a brewery in the artsy community of Wynwood in Miami, Florida.

Kush features eighteen taps and one nitro tap for their craft beer.  They offer also offer rare and exclusive craft beer releases from local breweries.  They host a monthly home brew series for those who want to learn to create their own craft beers at home.

Matt has succeeded in bringing the growing business of craft brewing to Miami.  His place is so widely popular there are over twenty-five hundred evaluations on the web and can say they have a four-point-six-star rating.

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