Review of Three Gastropubs in Denver, Colorado by ProCo Hood Cleaning

Denver CO RestaurantWork & Class is located in the Northwest, Five Points area of Denver, Colorado.  It is owned by Dan Rodriguez and Tony Maciag who opened the restaurant celebrating the working class.  Their mission is to give patrons a square meal and a stiff drink for a fair price.

Tony grew up in Detroit and began his restaurant career in 1990 when he was attending Michigan State University.  He worked virtually every position in restaurants up to restaurant manager.  Tony moved to Colorado in 1992 and continued to hone not only his restaurant skills but his bartending skills as well.  Work & Class has been a dream of his for years.

Dana was raised on a farm in Chihuahua, Mexico that had no electricity or running water.  Her earliest experience in the kitchen was when she was a toddler helping her mother grind corn to mesa and making tortillas out of it.  Her family visited Colorado twenty years ago and Dana fell in love with the area.   She decided to stay in Denver and got her first job in a high-end Italian restaurant.

They much be doing something right as they have over eleven hundred positive evaluations on the world wide web.  Perhaps it is unlike other restaurants because they guarantee every pour will be two ounces.

Situated in the Southeast part of Denver, Colorado is Asbury Provisions that is an owner-operated business that are professional bartenders.  Their motto is “I would rather eat at a bar than drink at a restaurant”.Denver Colorado Restaurant

Co-owner Chris Topham is the beer savant.  He started in the restaurant industry in 1995 when he was pursuing a degree at the University of Arts in Philadelphia.  He worked and learned the restaurant industry from 2003 to 2013 earning the recognition of DRAFT Magazine.

Co-owner Jason Ladd is the cocktail and wine guru.  After graduating from culinary school, he worked every facet of the restaurant industry.  He realized he really enjoyed mixing cocktails and serving wine.  He creates craft cocktails with infused booze that is done on the premises.

Co-Owner Kelsey Montague, and wife of Chris, is the PR professional and marketing person behind Asbury Provisions.  She loves to blog and update their Facebook page with new pictures and encouraging people to come on in!

Asbury Provisions gets a four-point-six-star rating on the internet with well over two hundred endorsements.  Having these three people on had there every day makes it more of a place to hang and have drinks with friends.

Denver Colorado Restaurant FloodLocated in the Village of Five Parks in Arvada, Colorado is Lot One.  Arvada is about thirty miles from Denver and it is a beautiful drive.  Owner and neighbors Jamie and Corie Miles and Josh and Kasey Timon had dreamed a creating a restaurant that was the perfect place to take family and friends.

Village of Five Parks is a green community with six hundred and twenty-five homes, offices, parks, recreation facilities and retail shops.  The idea was to create a community that everything would be within walking distance.  Lot One is in the center of the neighborhood.

While they only have one hundred and forty-eight positive posts online, people rave about what a great place it is and how amazing the food is.  Their food is infused with flavor from all over the world and they plan on growing their own produce on their rooftop greenhouse.

Denver is home to some of the best restaurants in Colorado.  Denver Hood Cleaning has cleaned many of their commercial kitchen exhaust systems for years.  Their attention to detail when doing hood cleaning is what keeps their clients coming back to them on a regular basis.