Why Epoxy Garage Floor Coating is Becoming so Popular

Epoxy Floor Sioux Falls SDEpoxy floor coating was primarily used as a protective thick coating to preserve carbon steel tanks to protect them from exterior deterioration.  It was also used on industrial and commercial flooring as it is known to provide protection against turbulence, corrosive fluids, abrasion and extreme temperatures.  Today it is becoming a popular coating on residential garage floors.

Epoxy floor coating needs to be applied to a porous surface like concrete, metal, steel and more.  It is made of two compounds that are polymerized when mixed together they begin to harden, and the curing process begins.

There are several benefits to having epoxy coating applied to just about any floor many of these include:

It is environmentally friendly because the fumes do not dissolve or erode in the environment.  In addition to that, it does not need to be recoated as often so there are less chemicals used over the life of the floor.

Most equipment manufactures use tanks that can deteriorate whether they are inside or outside.  Many of these companies use white enamel paint, however the tanks can be subject to rust and will have to be painted more often.  When using epoxy paint coatings, these manufacturers are finding they are painting the tanks about every five years.

Maintaining the integrity of storage tanks is imperative.  If there is corrosion, there can be contamination is slow down production.  Epoxy coating is the perfect substance to coat the carbon steel tanks.

Many food industries use epoxy floor coating as it is easy to clean and does not stain easily.  This is due to hardness of the materials and it is a smooth surface so bacteria cannot grow in small holes.Epoxy Floor Sioux Falls South Dakota

Epoxy floor coating is impact resistant.  The floor will not split, crack or fracture on impact.  This is why many car repair shops are using epoxy floor concrete coating.

It can be common in industrial plants and automotive repair facilities to have a chemical spill.  Epoxy flooring is resistant to harsh chemicals that may be used to clean machinery.  As mentioned before, since the surface is smooth, it can be easily cleaned.

In order to install an epoxy floor concrete coating, the floor needs to be patched and all major cracks and chips need to be repaired.  All grease and dirt must be removed as well.  We do need to test the concrete if it is old to see if other layers of epoxy or sealant was previously installed.

Temperature is important to consider as well.  If they temperature is unsuitable the epoxy could bubble and peel.  Once the two components of the epoxy are combined, there is a limited time to apply before it hardens.

Epoxy Flooring Sioux Falls SD ImageAt All Around Surfaces we special in polyaspartic, urethane and epoxy coatings.  We have put epoxy flooring in healthcare facilities, daycare centers, retail stores, machine shops, car dealers, aircraft hangers and more.  Epoxy coatings are popular in day care centers and healthcare facilities as they are easy to disinfect and sterilize.  We have ten different epoxy floor colors to choose from. We do a massive amount of epoxy garage floor coating.