Best Hood Cleaning Reviews 3 Restaurants in Sacramento, California

Sacramento California RestaurantPetra Greek is located in Downtown Sacramento, California. They are an authentic Greek restaurant serving some of the best gyros in the area. In addition to their Downtown location, they have on in Folsom and on Golden 1 Center Street. Their Downtown location stays open until 3am on weekends and their other locations have extended Happy Hours and deals.

Gyros at Petra Greek are a form of sandwich that has a mix of lamb and beef that is blended with seasonings. They cook the meat in a cone in an upright rotisserie grill then shaved off to be placed into a sandwich. For those who are not lamb and beef eaters, they offer a pork and chicken sandwich as well. The meat is roasted in an upright skewer then shaved off. The meat is placed into a warm pits with a tzatziki sauce (some prefer plain yogurt) with onion and tomato. They serve it with french fries which is the way they served them in Greece.

They have nine hundred and nineteenGoogle reviews giving them a four-point-six-star rating. Is it any wonder they have a loyal base of customers?
In addition to daily lunch specials, they offer a catering service as well.

Southside Park, South is located at 2005 11th Street in Sacramento, California. Owner N’Gina Guyton was born in New Orleans before she came to Sacramento to be an event and wedding planner. She has worked for many prominent restaurant groups honing her skills before opening her first catering business in 2009 with partner Ian Kavookijan working with their clientele. They expanded the business in 2011 to include event planning and wedding planning.Sacramento CA Restaurant

Their event planning was so successful they expanded it to include rentals, decor, event staffing and floral design. They got the bug to open Southside Park, South in 2014 and kept their catering and event planning business as well. Their cuisine is traditional Southern comfort foods sticking to recipes that have been the family for years.

Their popularity has grown and that is shown on the over thirteen hundred evlaluations they have received online. They pull a strong four-point-four-star rating with customers coming back time and again.

Sacramento CA Restaurant ImageFogo de Minas is a traditional Brazilian Barbecue that can trace their roots back to the 1700s when Brazil was being colonized by European settlers. Their restaurant is located in the Natomas area of Sacramento, California. It is considered the cuisine of Brazilian cowboys who were also known as Gauchos. It was brought to the United States in the 1800s when the Gauchos started cattle ranching in the Rio Grande do Sul.

The Gauchos prepared the meat by digging pits in the ground where they would start a fire then roast the meat over the pit. They would season the meat with coarse salt then roast the meat for thirty minutes. They later discovered that basting the meat with salt water kept the meat moist while cooking which is thus the secret to the amazing meals one can get at Fogo de Minas.

Brazilians still embrace the Gaucho culture where tens of thousands of residents of Taquari Valley have left to pursue their dream of having an authentic Brazilian restaurant. They have garnered and four-point-six-star rating on the world wide web with over four hundred posts.

Best Hood Cleaning has been serving the greater Sacramento, California and surrounding cities for years. They have a team of professionals that are trained to the National Fire Protection Association Code 96 regulations for hood cleaning. Hood cleaning is the process of removing grease and grime from the commercial kitchen exhaust system mostly thought of in restaurants. There are other places where there are commercial kitchen exhaust systems like schools, senior living centers, churches, club houses, hospitals and more.

Fire Marshals across the United States are beginning to recommend a professional hood cleaning be done at least once every three months. Depending on the use and they type of fuel used, it could be monthly or annually as well. It is best to give us a call and have one of our team members stop by to give an accurate quote. Once cleaned they will then determine how ofter the kitchen should have the hood cleaned.